New Wellness Programs

Are you ready to take a proactive role in your health? With the knowledge in your personalized Wellness and Prevention Health Assessment report you will gain an understanding of the impact your past lifestyle choices have had on your current health risk status. Most importantly, this revolutionary report will enable you to use this information to predict whether you are heading toward the genetic expression of chronic sickness in the future. 

There are five questions that form the foundation of our revolutionary, unique, and evidence-based health risk assessment, report and recommendations. These are:

1. What is your current health risk status? (Identify your Health Risks)

2. What lifestyle stressors are causing health risk status? (Identify thet causes of your Health Risks)

3. What is your predicted future health risk status? (Predict your future health risk status if you do not address the causes of your ealth Risks)

4. What lifestyle choices and health resources do you require for health recovery and your future wellness and prevention? (Identify the solutions for your current health risks and future wellness and prevention)

5. What is your ongoing health risk status? (Regular Wellness and Prevention Health Risk Assessments)